Semi-Private Personal Training (Group Training)

Semi-private training is set up for those who are looking to lose fat, increase lean muscle mass and just feel more fit and healthy overall.  The daily workouts are always different and are meant to keep the body guessing.  Each workout is designed in order to be easily altered to suit the needs of the individual performing the personal training session.  This is your ONLY option for discount personal training in Grey Bruce. 


“My initial goal was to get fit for my job, but as I saw people doing the personal training and seeing improvements with them, I thought I would give it a try.  By doing this,  I exceeded my goals. I feel fit and strong.  My body shape has changed dramatically.  I would not physically be where I am today without you guys, you are understanding and push me a little further each day.  You are very motivating, not just while I’m there, but to challenge myself at all times.  Thank you for helping me to live a healthy lifestyle and to achieve my personal goals.
–  Sheila Bartley – 45 – Registered Massage Therapist

“A very positive experience.  I look forward to coming in and am always greeted warmly.  The trainers keep you moving throughout the workout and motivate you.  They push you out of your comfort zone but in a supportive way.  The owner/trainer makes your workout feel personalized, even if you’re doing the ‘semi-private training’ he looks at your individual goals and abilities.   Try the training, you definitely will not regret it.  The hardest part is just getting there the first time, but you will look forward to it after that.”
 Margaret Lewis – 43 – Preschool Resource Teacher  

“I should have done it years ago!  Having a professional trainer, like Josh, is the best way to take your fitness to the next level.  I have never been so prepared for skiing and it showed.  My initial goal was to increase my overall fitness level by increasing muscular strength, cardio improvement and weight gain.  I am very pleased with my progress to date and look forward to continuing.”
– Andy McKerroll – 55 – Teacher

“After retirement I wanted to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, however, with years of being sedentary I was unclear how and where to start.  My son suggested I engage a personal trainer. This lead me to Owen Sound Fitness  Training.  Since I’ve started, the workouts have supported my wiehgt loss goals and helped improve cardio and strength.  The gym has helped my general health and sense of well-being.   This is the first time in years my blood pressure has been normal.  As much as I wimper and whine, the personal training has been invaluable.  I didn’t know where to start and I’ve felt supported and on track since starting at Owen Sound Fitness.  My workout buddy (Merry Whalen) and I frequently brag about the personal training at Weight Watchers meetings.  If considering getting started, just build up your courage to go and talk to the trainers and see the gym.   You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
–  Mary Breadner – 56 – Retired 

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